View Full Version : SOBO Finishing Question

Jay Laveroni
12-24-2016, 10:26
Just wondering how the conditions are for SOBO starting in NY in Mid September and finishing on Springer in December. Concerned about cold and snow.

12-24-2016, 14:45
Cold maybe. Snow maybe. Last Christmas Day it was 70 degrees in Michigan. Weather is different every year

12-24-2016, 18:35
I can't speak for the weather in December. I finished on Springer on October 19th (2013), it was between 45-50 degrees with a light drizzle. The previous week I'd been walking through pretty similar conditions, so I'll assume (yeah, I know...) that this wasn't "freak" weather. My $.02: If you can leave earlier, then absolutely leave earlier. Not only for Springer weather, but consider that you'll be going through the Smokies (4200ft elevation and up) about 2-3 weeks before you finish. That will certainly be cold on your schedule. Plus, it is likely that every water source in NY will be dry. I hiked through NY in August, it was my most dehydrated section of the trail. I can't imagine there will be MORE water in September

12-26-2016, 23:27
Take a look at Trailjournals.com. Look up Solo,2012, Steve Ainsworth. A Sobo. Go to his journal entry for Oct 29 to 31