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12-26-2016, 13:44
Dang...Santa was gooooood to me!

7 ounces of 800FP goodness...

I found that the XL was almost perfect for my post-50 year old torso and 6'1" of height. If you are a flat belly six-packer, go a size down unless you are a real climber...

These jackets run a little wider, longer and longer in the sleeves because it is designed, first and foremost, as a climber's jacket and as such needs to be able to move. Hence the longer sleeves(for swinging an ice axe, e.g.) and the longer back so it doesn't ride up when reaching for a hand-hold. Small zip pockets are placed above where a climbing harness sits. The down is treated and the whole thing gets high marks from all reviewers I've seen. So incredibly light, it doesn't seem to be capable of warmth. Oh....but it IS warm.

This is now an essential part of my winter quiver. I won't wear it during high exertion exercises, like skinning up or skiing down, because I am a furnace during aerobic performance. But, I will wear it in camp, under my shell during stops and for SURE in my 30 degree bag to help drop it 5 or 10 degrees!

Santa didn't give me the hoodie because Santa knows I like my head to swivel free of my jacket for at least 5 different reasons!

I didn't even ask for it! Santa really must know me! And, I must have been a REALLY good boy this year! Of course, opinion vary. Just like mileage. Just sayin!