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01-13-2017, 13:49
Here is my gear list more or less. https://lighterpack.com/r/g9bf23

I'm planning on leaving last week of March or first week in April. I did a dry run this weekend and was pretty cold at night and was thinking about adding another hoodie-type-deal, any recommendations? I could theoretically just deal with it, but I'm a bit of a baby having lived in Texas for too long.

01-13-2017, 14:08
What all from your list were you wearing and what was the temp? My first thought would be to go for a lighter down jacket using a higher FP down. The below comes to mind. Granted it costs more than another layer but in turn you come out lighter and potentially warmer. I tried to see what the actual weight of the fill in the Patagucci was but couldn't find it. Was just curious to compare to the MB.


01-13-2017, 14:38
Haha, "Patagucci". Yea, getting a thicker coat would probably have been the right move, getting another one would be a stretch on the budget. I think it got down to 35 and I had every upper layer on except for both shirts. Walking around I was fine, but in bed, I was not so comfortable which I could deal with, but want to make sure I get good sleep.

01-13-2017, 15:19
If 35* was uncomfortable while trying to sleep I would look harder at your sleeping bag/quilt than what you're wearing. Even with a late March start you see temps well below that on the trail.

I noticed you have an EE 20* quilt listed. I have taken mine down into the mid twenties with no issue and with a liner and jacket, I expect I could go below 20*.

01-13-2017, 16:36
I tried to comment earlier but having issues, look at the sleeping pad. 3.2 R if I looked at the correct model. Might want to supplement with a ccf.

01-13-2017, 17:00
that jacket isn't bad for that time of year, combined with the hoodie and hat, that's pretty good for camp/supplementing.
I also agree that you might want to tweak your bag/pad. A few ideas:

A thin CCF foam that you can ditch after a month or so wouldn't cost much. Definitely would help with that pad and quilt combo if it approaches 30. If you have or can find a light summer bag to use under your quilt for the first bit, that would help a lot as well and you could get rid of that when it's warmer

Alternatively, if you don't have a good long sleeve base layer under all that (couldn't tell in my quick glance), you could go with a merino base layer. icebreaker, etc, or whoever has a good sale.
A light neck gaiter could also be of use for sleeping

01-13-2017, 18:13
I did not see what you were using for shelter. Were you on the ground in a tent, in a shelter, or hanging? Were you wearing your hat?

01-13-2017, 19:08
I have a used zpack duplex.

That's interesting, I have a thermarest zlite too. It would be an extra 14oz. Do R ratings stack (ie. 3.2 + 2.2 = 5.4)?

01-13-2017, 19:21
I have a used zpack duplex.

That's interesting, I have a thermarest zlite too. It would be an extra 14oz. Do R ratings stack (ie. 3.2 + 2.2 = 5.4)?

Yes they do. And already paid for. Give it a test.

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