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01-14-2017, 16:49
Hi all,
I'm planning to hike from Georgia to Washington along the trail, and I'm planning on bringing the Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody. Here is the problem: I am tall and skinny.

I have tried the Small which fits very well around the chest and shoulders but is a bit shorts. The Medium has a really good length but is a bit wide over the shoulders around the chest.

Do you have any advice on which to choose? What is worst, slightly short or a bit loose?

Do I loose a lot of heat if the down jacket is loose around the chest?

Thanks a lot for any advice!

01-14-2017, 17:11
Why not look at other options which don't force you to compromise? Check out Eddie Bauer, they have down jackets in sizes for tall men which would fit all the way around.

There are more, but here are a couple examples which are on sale this weekend:

http://www.eddiebauer.com/product/men--39-s-cirruslite-down-jacket/10112119/_/A-ebSku_0010076938000050__10112119_catalog10002_en__ US?showProducts=111&backToCat=Jackets&previousPage=LNAV&tab=&color=438

http://www.eddiebauer.com/product/men--39-s-microtherm-stormdown-jacket/38832204/_/A-ebSku_0880849907000050__38832204_catalog10002_en__ US?showProducts=111&backToCat=Jackets&previousPage=LNAV&tab=&color=400

01-14-2017, 17:17
2nd Eddie Bauer, First Ascent line. I believe LLBean also carries tall sized down jackets. Down sweaters are pretty lightweight so correspondingly not a Winter parka. Keep your expectations low.

01-14-2017, 17:23
Why not look at other options which don't force you to compromise?

Thanks for you reply! I line in Denmark and very few stores carry ultralight down jackets here, so my choices is a bit limited.

01-14-2017, 18:19
Montbell tend to be more tapered fit than patagoochie...

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