View Full Version : Clamber back packs?

01-21-2017, 20:04
Anyone have any experience on the Clamber line of back packs? Guess they're made in Israel.

01-21-2017, 20:29
The website is in Hebrew. They sell via Ebay. The 65L pack is 55 bucks with 35 bucks shipping. The 50L is 45 bucks with 35 bucks shipping. About a month from order to delivery. I have no idea of the weight or durability. Nor do I have any idea if the pack is made in Israel. I suspect not. Not for the price.


01-21-2017, 22:57
TY. That's one I saw that you show in the link as well as the 50 on there too. Didn't know anything about them. Asked the question of the seller though about the weight.