View Full Version : Any New Hostels in the North?

Slow n' Steady
01-23-2017, 08:41
I'm doing a thru hike this summer and would like to stop for a shower, mail drop and town food. Is there anything available after Killington, like near Camels Hump and/or Johnson? Thanks!

01-23-2017, 09:36
Not sure about hostels, we stayed in Waterbury at a small inn, and at the B&B in Johnson, both were worth the cost for us.

01-23-2017, 13:00
There are only two hostels in Vermont, The green mountain house in Manchester center and the Six tribes in Rutland. The Inn at the Long Trail isn't a hostel, but has good rates for hikers. Otherwise you need to stay at B+B's. There are some motels too, but most of those are not convenient to the trail.

On my last E2E, I stayed at the GMH in Manchester center, The inn at the long trial, a B+B in Waitsfield (I forget the name, but there are several to choose from) and Nye's B+B in Jefferson. Nye's cost me like $75 and the one in Waitsfield was like $125, mostly because I splurged on an expensive dinner and drinks. Between the room and dinner, I dropped at least $75 at the Inn.

In the Camels Hump area, there might be a motel in Richmond, otherwise you'd have to go to Waterbury. You'll probably want to go to Richmond for resupply anyway, and is a easy hitch - at least it was for me, unlike getting into Waitsfield which was like pulling teeth. I resupplied at each of the overnight stops and Richmond.

01-23-2017, 13:17
Waitsfield was an easy hitch for us, but Waterbury took forever.

Nye's was fabulous.