View Full Version : Need feedback on Campmor 20 Down bag ?

01-21-2006, 18:04
Hi Everyone: I'm looking for feedback on the Campmor 20 degree down bag. I've read in various posts that others like this bag, but I couldn't find any specifics on what people like or dis-like. Concerns are:

- lack of insulated baffle
- no DWR coating ? Can Techron be safely sprayed on a down bag ?
- fill weight is 19 oz on the regular. This seems a little light, compared to other similar bags
- is this 20 degree rating accurate or close ?

I'd appreciate any real-world experience that anyone has with this bag. It is certainly lightweight, and inexpensive, but is it a good value.

By the way, most of my hiking is 3 season, in the midwest, with occasional trips in the winter where 20 degree temps are expected.

Thanks !

01-23-2006, 23:58
I too have been interested in Campmor's "made in China" bags. I don't believe I've ever read a negative post on them, the bags that is :)

01-24-2006, 00:39
I have about 6000 long distance miles on my Campmor 20* down bag and I still can't justify upgrading to a quality bag such as a Western Mountaineering. The rating may be a tad low but I'll sleep fine in the low 20's.

One time I did use the Techron spray which seemed to help a bit, but if you're careful about keeping the bag dry, it shouldn't be a problem. Condensation, generally on the foot of your bag, from touching the walls of your tarp or single-walled tent, dries in about 10 minutes laid out on a sunny day.

I have fairly wide shoudlers and at times it's a little snug, but I found by just draping the bag over me like a quilt and using my sleeping pad as a bottom insulator, it works nearly as good as being zipped up, even in freezing temps.

For the money it can't be beat.

01-24-2006, 02:30
I too was considering that bag long and hard, for a thru-hike this year. Eventually I settled on a Slumber Jack Baffin, although right now there's a Kelty Light Year 25 for the same price. I'm hiking on a major budget this year, but I figure after spending a hundred bucks on a bag another $20's not an extraordinarily big deal. I went with the Baffin over the Campmor because it looks roomy (and indeed it is _very_ roomy) and has the 600+ fill down; and for the same price the light year has 650+ fill down. The campmor bag has 550. Personally I'm convinced that the gear doesn't make the hike, I'm sure all the ~100 buck bags are pretty similar. But please post again if you get it --I lost sleep deciding between these 3!

01-24-2006, 10:19
It is a little tight at the shoulders. When I lay down, it pulls tight across the chest and belly. I have the long version, I am 6' tall, 260lbs. I plan to use it mostly as a quilt in a hammock so I am not too concerned about the size. I would be concerned if I were laying on the ground in cold weather.