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01-28-2017, 20:29
Having issues with my Jet Boil. The push button igniter no longer starts it. Also, the plastic bowl is cracked thus is a mess if you put soup or liquids in it.
It is five years old but was only used for about 500 miles on the AT.

What would you do? How are they about replacing parts etc?
Anyone have their contact info?

Thanks for the help!

01-28-2017, 20:47
Contact them:

01-28-2017, 20:47
The piezo igniter often needs to be adjusted (bent just right) to get a good spark to work. If you haven't already done that, that would be wise. I have gotten tired of my JetBoil piezo having to be adjusted to work, so I generally don't even use it any more and just start my stove with a spark from a lighter or fire steel.

The JetBoil Sol stoves have replaceable piezo parts you can buy.
Johnson Outdoor owns JetBoil and I'm sure you can Google JetBoil customer service as easily as I can.
I can't believe anyone uses those plastic cups for anything other than as a cover for the bottom of the pot and in emergencies where you forgot or lost a real cup or bowl. You can probably get a new bowl for free from them if you think it's worth your time.

Good luck.

01-28-2017, 20:56
I asked about a replacement cup and they sent me two. I do use them, because they're quite handy.

01-28-2017, 22:42
I have seen so many of those plastic cups cracked that on buying my Jet Boil I immediately wrapped it with three layers of electrical tape. Everything is good so far.