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01-21-2006, 21:59

I am reading through my guidebooks planning out my hike schedule and it looks like after a resupply or a stay in Fort Montgomery, NY there is 25 miles without shelter or other lodging until RPH shelter.

So is this real easy hiking? is there nothing in between.... like at 15 miles? a place to at least camp out?

Also..I noticed that in Mass..around South Egermont and Great Barrington, lodging gets very expensive.. 50 -70 a night M- F and God help me on the weekends. What do folks do?


01-21-2006, 22:24
Re your question about NY, between the Hudson and RPH, you have some small ups and down. If you're in thru-hiker shape by then, you might make the 25 miles.

Alternatively you can camp at Greymoor but it's only about 7 miles from Ft. Montgomery. Greymoor to RPH is viable - I did it on a hot day in June which included a drenching thunderstorm.

This part of NY - east of the Hudson - offers many opportunities for stealth camping. Another option for you hiking from Fort Montgomery is to stealth camp by Sunk Mine Road (water available, nice sites under hemlocks) and then hike to Morgan Stewart Shelter.

01-21-2006, 22:29
carry a hammock stay any were ya want to:cool: neo



01-21-2006, 22:52

Also..I noticed that in Mass..around South Egermont and Great Barrington, lodging gets very expensive.. 50 -70 a night M- F and God help me on the weekends. What do folks do?

You're correct. You've got to decide how badly you want that shower and a bed. I went into S Egremont on my thru in 2003 mainly because I had a package at the post office. Ended up staying the night at the Inn. After the climb over Mt Everett (or Mt Everest, as some call it) and the long hike down Jug End I was ready for a hot shower and a good meal ...but it came at a price !!


01-22-2006, 03:26
As far as the NY section, others are correct. Stay at Graymoor (tenting and shelter offered for free) and then make it an EASY 19 miles the next day to RPH. In thru-hiker shape I arrived at RPH by 3pm. Its a nice shelter.

Between Vernon NJ and Dalton MA there really aren't trail towns, except for Kent which is perfect, but has no place to stay overnight that is reasonably affordable. This section is different than the usual major town stop which you'll be accustomed to down south where you spend a night at a hostel, do laundry, shower, eat, resupply at a huge grocery and go to an outfitter. In the mid-atlantic you've got to piece together food and chores in little stops. Jersey, NY, and CT have many close deli's, restraunts and stops where you can pick up a few days supply here, or a snack there. Check the book and read the registers and you'll be fine. I got lucky and stayed at my old summer camp right near the MASS/ct border, so didn't really need a town stop. Great Barrington is a great town but is PRICEY, so you might be better off resupplying there and moving on until you get to Dalton where you can lodge for free at two nice "hostels".

One option for a shower/meal/overnight that not many thru-hikers do is in CT, near Falls Village. There is a restaunt (Mountainview Cafe?) which is .2 off the AT near the Mohawk trail. It's got really tasty food and they rent little cabins. I split one of these tiny cabins with 5 other guys and it set us back about 15 a piece I believe. Not the most comfy of accomadations, but it got us out of the rain and clean and dry for a night. This might tide you over until Dalton. Just an option.

01-23-2006, 22:33
Your price quote for the GB area is way low. Think closer to $100 per night. See thread about East Mtn Retreat for a cheap (if somewhat regulated) place to stay.