View Full Version : Osprey Xenith-I finally purchased my first real pack!

01-30-2017, 15:23
Ok, so it is used but, I could not be happier with it. I have been using my walmart day pack for 3 years and was really ready to upgrade but, could not justify a new pack. I took on a challenge in another forum to backpack once a month for 2017 (the plan is to knock out some AT sections! :banana). So i began to search used.

I found an Osprey Xenith sized Medium used for $30 on a facebook group! I went and picked it up last night, promptly swapped my gear over, and walked around the house with it. lol. I cannot believe the difference it makes to have a pack with a legit hip belt and support. I watched youtube videos and read up on sizing and adjustments. I am blown away and had to share my joy!

I feel like I have graduated somehow. lol I know my wally world bag (and before that school backpack) did not make me less of a backpacker but, this sure makes me a more comfortable backpacker!

But, I will say this in defense of my previous bag, it made me weight conscious. I could not take random stuff because there was not room for it. No, my sleep system is not ultra light neither is my shelter but, it made me very careful about bringing much past that and I am grateful for the learning curve it sped me through.

01-30-2017, 15:43
Great! Sounds like a great deal. Have fun

01-30-2017, 21:33

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01-31-2017, 09:51
Congratulations! I'm sure it will treat you well on your 2017 challenge.

01-31-2017, 14:07
Thanks you guys! It is a little long when I position it on my hips properly but, nothing annoying at all. I just cannot get over how it feels to have the weight distributed between my hips and shoulders.