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02-08-2017, 17:56
I expect to try fitting some packs soon. I have had a couple fits at two different stores, fitting Osprey packs and maybe others.

One sales associate fitted the hip so it sort of wrapped around my (upper?) hips while the other seemed to place it "above" my hips, sort of resting on top of the iliac or hip. Tightening this seemed to put all the stress on soft tissue (well fat and belly).

I think the first version (sort of wrapping) seemed most comfortable and most stable.
Comments of advice?


02-08-2017, 18:21
I'm almost as old. I have preferred the horizontal centerline of the belt to be on the iliac crest. I think that's the correct term.
In simple terms: I agree with you.

02-08-2017, 19:35
Everyone is a bit different. I do know some people that put their hip belt on top of their iliac crest, but that is not common and doesn't work well for most people and doesn't work well with heavy loads.

Most people are happiest, and most backpacks are designed, to have the hip belt wrap around the iliac crest as you and Venchka (Wow, I'm agreeing with Venchka? ;-)) both suggest.

I tend to wear my hip belt a little lower yet (depending on the padding & structure of the hip belt). I generally wear my hip belt so the top of the belt and the top of my iliac crest are pretty much at the same level. I think it is important to have the hip belt high enough not to interfere with your ability to step up onto a very high step. And, the hip belt need to wrap around your hips in a way that it doesn't just slide down when weight is applied.

Good luck.

02-08-2017, 19:44
My hipbelt fits like nsherry61's does. Kinda below my belly button. Maybe if my belly disappears, I could wear it higher, but for now top of belt fits about top of iliac crest. What you need to cognizant of is that the hipbelt wraps around you. Too many hip belts are too short.

02-08-2017, 20:20
Or belly's to big ;0)

02-08-2017, 21:53
the tops of your hipbones should go in the middle of the belt. Idea is for it not to slip down over hipbones,when supporting weight.

But most fat people wear it under their bellys

Do whatever you can live with
Just get right torso length for where you intend to wear it.
If the schmuck at the store measures your torso, it will be based on the right place.

02-08-2017, 22:26
Yes, I thought having the midpoint of the hip belt seemed the best.
Thanks for supporting my own observations.

Tipi Walter
02-09-2017, 00:40
Depending on weight, a hipbelt will fit differently depending on whether the load lifter straps are lose or tight. When totally lose the shoulder straps cinch tighter and the hipbelt rises up. With load lifters left tight the hipbelt cinches lower. You can wear the pack both ways although the lower the hipbelt on the pelvis the more numbness and pain, especially with a pack over 60 lbs.

My best fit is having the hipbelt buckle opposite or just slightly below my belly button. And adjusting the load lifter straps after the shoulder straps and hipbelt have been adjusted.

But all this is subjective and depending on weight. Plus, you don't know the importance of pack fit until you load it up with 90 lbs and see how it feels. The biggest bane of most heavy packs is SAGGING---and you'll feel it instantly on the hip muscles. If you carry a 5 lb pack you won't even have to worry about a hipbelt. And you know pretty quick if you have a high quality big load hauler by how it feels after hiking 5 hours with 80+lbs.

02-09-2017, 04:21
I'm almost as old. I have preferred the horizontal centerline of the belt to be on the iliac crest. I think that's the correct term.
In simple terms: I agree with you.

+1 this is how I was taught and it's always been most comfortable on a long day under a load of any size.