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02-10-2017, 15:18
What's the best way to get to State College from the Mid State Trail?

I read somewhere that there was a bus stop at Tussey Mountain Ski Resort but couldn't find anything about this operating in the summer.

02-10-2017, 16:58
Pine Creek Outfitters would probably have some suggestions.

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02-10-2017, 18:26
Also quoting from http://www.hike-mst.org/images/pdfs/mstresupplylist_1-7-17.pdf

State College 8 2 W then hitch or busBy a considerable margin, the largest town near the MST. Can approach by headingdownhill from just trail-S of Tom Thwaites Monument on Spruce Gap Trail, then downhillon Bear Meadows Rd past Galbraith Gap parking (possible hitch) to Tussey Mountainresort (city bus, CATA, 814 238-2282, schedule might not suit); or downhill past theRoman Tower to Shingletown Gap parking (hitch). Best access is by yellow blazed then redblazed Musser Gap Trail which connects to multiuse trail crossing PA 45 to WhitehallRoad at the borough limits. Sidewalks and/or trails from across Whitehall Rd (or morefrequent CATA buses) go either downtown or to Hills Plaza (below). Large town with fullservices including Appalachian Outdoors (large outfitter, 123 S Allen St downtown);Greyhound station (152 N Atherton St downtown, 814 238-7971); Megabus stop nearWalmart on North Atherton St.; Mount Nittany Medical Center hospital (northeast edgeof town near Beaver Stadium). University Park airport (SCE) is beyond city bus range.Temp Section 8 map shows walking route to Hills Plaza (Business US 322 East/SouthAtherton St) with Weis chain grocery, Rite Aid pharmacy, McDonalds, Wine and Spirits,Ollie's (easiest place to buy tow straps if you get stuck back in Pine Swamp Rd in lateMarch), Sheetz convenience store, Meyer Dairy (ice cream) . Or ride the bus out toWegmans grocery store with anything restricted-diet, ethnic, or organic you could possiblywant. Many folks visiting town don't leave without a stop at the Berkey Creamery oncampusfor experimentally flavored ice cream. Choice of brewpubs includes Otto's (wayout west end of town); Happy Valley (on bike trail network way out north end); HomeD/Robin Hood (across from the aforementioned Hills Plaza, closest to trail)

02-11-2017, 14:02
State College CATA Schedule B runs year-round between downtown State College and the Tussey Mountain ski area parking lot: http://www.catabus.com/ServiceSchedules/CATABUS/CommunityService/B%20Route/Bschedule.pdf .

02-11-2017, 14:50
In addition to all the previous suggestions there are probably a dozen Taxi services and Uber as well. Google search should yield all the relevant phone numbers. We also have several locals who may be able to help out so feel free to contact me at [email protected] (http://[email protected]) and I will see what we can do at that time.

02-11-2017, 21:00
Thanks so much everyone! Would it be safe to assume that I would have service at Tussey? This might be a place that I meet up with some family to go spend a night in S.C. but I don't want them to be waiting around and wondering when I will show up.

02-11-2017, 21:20
Probably yes, but to be sure, check with the "coverage map" for your cell provider.