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02-13-2017, 20:30
Has anyone used these hiking poles currently for sale on Amazon?

Brotree 2 Pack Trekking Hiking Walking Trail Poles with EVA Foam Grip, Flip-Lock and Tungsten Carbide Tips - Ultraweight & Collapsible
I was getting ready to purchase the Cascade Mountain poles when I noticed these at $32.99 so thought I'd see if anyone has used them. They are getting about the same customer reviews as the Cascade Mountain poles.


02-13-2017, 20:49
They are heavier and made of aluminum not carbon fiber and are anti shock . You can get replacement parts for CM trekking poles .


02-13-2017, 21:10
I have used a pair that is very similar to this in my 550 miles hike ( life in motion hiking poles on Amazon )

They do what they are suppose to do. I am taking them for PCT thru this year but it does not perform as good as 100+ dollar poles.They make a rattling sound every time they hit the ground which is annoying for the first few hours. Your choice looks like fits in the same category.

02-13-2017, 21:53
Not to steal the "OP's" thunder, but I have been eyeing a few on Amazon as well. The Komperell Ridgehiker Cork flip locks, Mountainsmith Pyrite and Pacemakers. Any advice on these? I know Komperdell has a 3 yr warranty compared to the other's 1 yr.

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02-17-2017, 09:41
Problem solved.

The Amazon seller lowered the price of the Cascade Mountain Trekking poles with cork handles and quick locks to $44.99 which is now the same price as the poles with the neoprene handles so I jumped on this.