View Full Version : Kelty Santa fe 4000

02-16-2017, 23:44
Thinking of buying a kelty Santa fe 4000 on eBay and would like some info on it. Googled it and found little info, big shock. All I know is it is a 65L.

02-16-2017, 23:54
This is the pack I have. Weighs about 5 pounds stock (maybe a hair more), I shaved a lot of weight off without compromising the integrity (and what works for me) and it's down to 2.05lbs now. Very durable pack, I've had it for quite some time. You can get them fairly cheap on Ebay (my go to place) and for the price is pretty decent. If you're looking to do some more serious lighter weight hiking, this might not be the pack for you unless you modify it to your liking.