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02-19-2017, 23:27

i'm leaving tucson on the 20th of march and have a 9 hr layover in new orleans until the train to gainsville and the hiker hostel. the train station closes at 11PM. I'M TOLD DOWNTOWN NEW ORLEANS IS VERY DANGEROUS AT NIGHT so i guess i will have to get a hotel. (zero day already at $200 plus a pop.) hotels in downtown new orleans are outrageous as one would expect.

anyone else JUST HAPPEN (haha) to be passing through new orleans on the same day pursuing the same endeavor?

we could share costs.

If not, anyone have a suggestion of a good safe inexpensive pace to stay in downtown new orleans?



GA>ME 2017

02-19-2017, 23:27
just realized it still says i live in hot springs. i am in tucson now.

02-19-2017, 23:43
ok well just booked a room for $110. if anyone want to share, let me know.

by the way, my website is down. haven't been on her in ages and even though i'm hiking in 2017 i didn't want to get on her and get all stressed out by everyone else' details.

i want to enjoy this hike.


02-22-2017, 00:42
Don't get a hotel, do some free couchsurfing. If you're not into that, try a hostel (http://www.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.php/India-House-Backpackers-Hostel/New-Orleans/4857?affiliate=alltherooms&HostelNumber=4857&dateFrom=2017-03-20&dateTo=2017-03-21&number_of_guests=1) for $20/night. The train station is close to the Garden District and the French Quarter, and the folks that live there are crazy friendly. You can hop on the trolley for cheap and get just about anywhere in those areas. NOLA is one of the coolest cities in the US...the crazyness of Bourbon St., amazing jazz on Frenchmen St., antiques and art on Royal. Don't even get me started on the food. As far safety, you'll be fine in the areas you'll be around, although I wouldn't recommend hanging out at the train station overnight. In my opinion, depending on which of the 9 hours you'll be there, if you sleep more than 3 you're wasting time in a fantastic city. Feel free to PM me, I can give you all kinds of info on how to make the most of it. I've gone there for a week ever year for the last 10 years, love that city!

02-23-2017, 10:43
Airbnb has cheaper options as well

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