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02-21-2017, 23:29
I would like to start in Newaygo going north. Is there a list of resupply locations along the way?

02-26-2017, 17:30
I don't know if there is a list but I have hiked from the school house to Fife lake. Its a great trip Just north of Nichols lake hang a right on the paved road Cleveland its over 1mi to Bitely but there is a country store their that would have some things. I don't think they would have dehydrated type food but you could get some things. There is a store north of US 10 at 5 mile road has some things but not always open. From there Mesick is your best bet they have a grocery store and restaurant hotel etc. Fife lake has a small store at M189 and 131 I have not hiked north of their but Kalkaska is not far from the trail. What time of year are you going? How far north are you going?

04-07-2017, 21:16
How far off the trail do you want to go? Baldwin is about 5 miles from the Bowman Bridge campground. Mesick is about one mile from where the NCT crosses M-115.

There is a connector trail from the NCT into the village of Fife Lake. There is a grocery store but it is a little out of the way. The NCT goes into the edge of Kalkaska, there are several stores and restaurants south of M-72 along US-131.
Are you aware that both NCTA and the Grand Traverse Hiking Club have separate 100 Mile Challenges?

04-08-2017, 07:28
From Newaygo

Before you get to Freesoil trailhead. At Bass Lake, about 80 miles, Na Tah Ka general store & restaurant 1-231-266-5252 call for hours of operation. Slight diversion but you can jump back on trail without backtracking.

Messick Dollar stores, motels restaurants

Kalkaska many options Lodging, food basically right on trail as you go thru town.

Alba There is a Mobil station, convience store 231-584-3300. Very little backtracking, most of the trail is road walk thru here.

Petosky same as Kalkaska

Mackinaw city. end of trail in Lower peninsula

04-08-2017, 09:42

I will probably go when the nighttime temps warm up to 40F with no frost, maybe in May.

I have done the Manistee River Loop twice, and a few walk in, walk out trips but I am trying to learn how to do a section hike. That means walk from resupply point to resupply point. I may be walking slow at first, maybe 10 miles a day, so I am looking for resupply every 40 miles, more or less. Is there a map that shows trail mile markers?

I am going to plot some of these locations on a map. I have never worked out the logistics of resupply during a section hike, so I am trying to learn how to plan ahead, what to buy, where to get it, etc. I talked to a hiker who did mail drops, that might be another solution.

The NCT in northern Michigan seems very remote to me, even using a car to get to a trailhead.

04-09-2017, 06:47

Good maps a bit heavy, closest thing to a guide I know of.

National park maintainers set up at Nichols Lake Campground. They may hold a package for you if you talk with them.

The local trail chapters are a great source for infomation on the trail.

04-09-2017, 22:44
I did a search on google maps for grocery stores along the trail.

Resupply points along North Country Trail starting at Newaygo Visitor's Center on M37 with a full food bag:

25 miles

Bitely Grocery, Bitely
43.746635, -85.860510
About 2 miles east of trail on W 14 Mile Rd

25 miles

Branch Grocery, Branch
43.945857, -86.042794
About 2 miles west of trail on 10

26 miles

M55 Market, Wellston
44.224851, -85.956103
About 6 miles east of trail on 55

Option: Meijer, Manistee
44.266321, -86.295499
About 10 miles west of trail on 55

28 miles

Mesick Market, Mesick
44.405792, -85.714670
About 1 mile east of trail on 115

31 miles

Fife Lake Village Market, Fife Lake
44.584818, -85.351908
About 1 mile NE of trail on Fife Lake Road

20 miles

Northland Food, Kalkaska
44.743740, -85.176546
About a quarter mile N of trail at Walnut and 72

40 miles

EZ Mart, Boyne Falls
45.167239, -84.917165
About 2 miles west on Thumb Lk Rd, S on 131

20 miles

DW, Bay View
45.390980, -84.919069
Adjacent to trail at Rice St

38 miles

Mackinaw Family Market, Mackinaw City
45.780699, -84.732547
Adjacent to trail at S. Nicolet St.

Mileages between resupply points are rough estimates based on Google Map driving distances.

04-09-2017, 22:46
I am still looking for a map that shows trail mile markers at road crossings.

04-14-2017, 22:50
Great job with the research!

As you have found, resupply on the NCT takes a lot more research!

It is MUCH EASIER on the A.T.!!!

Thank you for noting the resupply info. If you go further, please let us know other resupplies! While I do not have plans to do long-distance hiking on the NCT anytime soon (focusing on finishing A.T.), this information will come in handy some day!!