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03-09-2017, 01:01
Does it really hit the weight/space/price points advertised?

How does it hold up?

I am just not seeing it reviewed much and so I had questions.


03-09-2017, 01:13

seems a lot of angry customers in the past.

03-09-2017, 07:20
I just ordered the Big Sky Revolution 2P about 3 weeks ago. I haven't received it yet, but my credit card hasn't been charged yet either -- which, as I understand, was the primary complaint of customers in the past. I did receive a confirmation email from their customer service immediately after my purchase; they did not indicate how long it would take to ship, but I bought it knowing that it could be at least 4-5 weeks. If I haven't received or heard anything at 5 weeks, I'll contact them for a status update.

(The Revolution is virtually identical to the Evolution, with the main difference being that the Revolution has an "exoskeleton" -- the poles are on the outside of the fly, and the inner tent is attached to the fly from the inside, so it's a "simultaneous pitch". This allows the tent to go up [or down] without the inner tent being exposed to the elements.)

I agree there is precious little information and few customer reviews out there. I've been looking into this tent (and Big Sky International in general) for almost 2 years; I feel like I've spent more time researching this than I did my thesis. (By the way, I did get some helpful information from someone here on WB when I posted a similar question a couple of years ago; if I knew how to link you to that brief thread I would. Maybe you can just search "Big Sky International" on this site?) Finally making the decision to purchase felt like a scary leap into the dark, and so I'm just hoping that the research I was able to do will have a good result.

Once I receive the tent I'll let you know how it is (specs, quality, etc.), as well as any contacts or concerns with their customer service.

03-09-2017, 12:06
Thank you. I'll look forward to your review.

Ive seen it listed at anywhere from 40 square feet to 26 and other variance --which makes it look like sloppy reviews (e.g. One guy said it was 92" on the long axis another 52").

More recent reviews just ignore it. E.g. http://www.switchbacktravel.com/best-tents-backpacking

im really looking forward to your report.

03-21-2017, 11:17

I have the Big Sky 2p Revolution and did a short video of setting it up in the rain. It illustrates the best quality of its design with the inner and outer going up simultaneously so no moisture gets in while setting up in the rain. Doesn't look like it in video, but it was actually coming down pretty good.

I was aware of people, years ago, who were not happy with the companies charging and not delivering tent. Those problems seem to no longer be an issue and I was very happy with the shipping speed and response rate of questions I had about the tent. The only thing I had an issue with was the 90s themed layout of their website, but it works...

Best shelter I have owned...and that list includes several Big Agnes, Tarptent, and many varieties of hammocking systems.

I'm not well versed in the Evolution vs Revolution, as my research was done all last year. And there was very little info or reviews to go on, but I wouldn't worry about ordering from Big Sky...they seem to have righted the ship.

03-21-2017, 11:41
Thanks for that video -- looks like everything I'm hoping mine will be. I still haven't received mine, but my card hasn't been charged yet either. It has been about five weeks since I placed my order (and received confirmation), so I'm going to send an email to their customer service to see if I can get a status update.

03-21-2017, 11:50
That seems long.... When I ordered they were pretty upfront if some of your desired options (color, fabric type, ect.) would delay the shipping. I think everything on mine was pretty standard except I went with the shorter collapsed pole lengths. Delivered in less than a week I believe.

Definitely call or email. They always got back to me within 24 hours, hopefully they are still operating like that.

03-21-2017, 14:14
Two years ago I emailed them explaining that I was having trouble figuring out the weight of a tent with all their configurations on their website. I asked them to tell me what the weight of product X was in the configuration I wanted. They emailed me...4 months later...telling me to refer to their website for weights.

They must be turning a good enough profit to not give zero f-*% about their website design. If they made it easy to navigate and use, their products would be talked about more often.

*I will say that their Dream Sleeper pillow is the best pillow I've ever used and you can buy it off Amazon as well.

03-21-2017, 14:38
*I will say that their Dream Sleeper pillow is the best pillow I've ever used and you can buy it off Amazon as well.
At least they are honest about shipping times,


"ships in 4 to 5 months" lol

03-21-2017, 14:47
My dream sleeper valve was bad . Sent it back and months later they sent me a new one. I had given up on them . I like the pillow.

03-21-2017, 15:25
At least they are honest about shipping times,


"ships in 4 to 5 months" lol

Ha no ship....get one ordered up for next year....

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03-21-2017, 15:33
Yikes. Well, I've sent an email to their customer service, and will give a couple of days until I call. Their website says they try to respond to emails within 24 hours, so we'll see. I sure hope this doesn't turn into a bad story.

By the way, it does look like they are indeed making some updates to their web presence -- I noticed that they are working on a site that is "mobile friendly." It is clearly a work in progress, but it is coming along. That particular site only shows a couple of tents right now, and they refer you to their old site for the rest, but it should be a much better (at least modernized) website.

03-21-2017, 15:34
I had one (I still have a revolution, wish I'd kept the evolution too) Here is a review I did of it. I used it for about 30 nights. I held up fine to wind and rain.

03-21-2017, 20:55
I ordered a Big Sky Evolution 2P in 2007 or 2008--shortly after Backpacker wrote a very nice review about it. I think I ordered it in the spring, and in about December he responded to one of my e-mails that the tents had finally arrived and I'd be getting mine soon. He seemed as frustrated as I was, that it had taken so long. I told him that I lived in a cold climate, and if he had someone from a warmer climate that might use it between December and April, when I'd be using mine, he could hold off on sending me my tent. He gave me carbon fiber poles at no extra charge because I was willing to do that. I think I got it in April, or just as my backpacking season started again. I also had a Wanderlust tent. I don't even remember which took longer to get. That's a very funny statement for those that remember both companies... sigh.

Once I got that tent, woah, it was awesome. It is quite light, though I don't remember exactly how much it weighs--a little under three pounds with carbon poles and titanium stakes. I use it alone, and it is huge. The workmanship has been excellent, and it has held up well. I did contact him a few weeks ago about getting a new fly and body, because after ten-ish years, the silnylon is not holding out the rain so well anymore. He said he'd give me a good price, but that he was going to be away for a while. I didn't ask any details, but have since decided that I do want to get the two components. I've sent e-mail a few times, but gotten no response. That reminded me of what it was like last time... . I think he went off to China to source a manufacturer and it took longer than expected. Then he got a manufacturer and once they started production, there was an earthquake and the Chinese government said his manufacturer was going to provide tents to people displaced by the earthquake. It took a long time for him to get it all worked out. Once he did, and I got my tent, I've been extremely happy with it. It's my favorite... . Until I can replace the body and fly, though, I'll apparently be using my Six Moon Designs Scout, or that Wanderlust tent... .

03-22-2017, 12:24
Nice review, mankind117. I actually found that on the internet some time ago and it was very helpful to me.

Pringles, your post gives me both hope and pause. It sounds like when you finally did get the tent, it was great, and I'm really happy to hear that...but the lack of communication (or perhaps 'timely' information?) sounds frustrating as hell. I'm in no specific hurry for my tent, but I certainly would like to have it by the time I leave for a section hike SOBO from Harper's Ferry this October. I am hoping to hear from them soon just for a status update. Your (and some others) experience with few or intermittent communications along with very long wait times seems very frustrating. Then again, others have said they've had great customer service and prompt delivery.... Hard to know what to expect.

To the OP -- sorry if I hijacked your thread with my questions and concerns about my order. I hope to be able to post helpful information in regards to your original question as soon as I can.

05-02-2017, 10:39
Good news -- last night Bob from Big Sky finally replied to my email, explaining that my order had somehow been misplaced, and that my order would be shipped today. This morning I received confirmation that my order has been shipped, and I expect delivery next Monday.

Communication has definitely been an issue of concern for me, but I'm looking forward to receiving the tent and will post my info about it soon.

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05-02-2017, 10:48
Not sure why anyone would deal with a company with such bad support? Just asking to get screwed!

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05-02-2017, 21:40
I have the revolution 1p, super tent. Very airy and roomy, and light enough. I like the poles on the outside as it's easy to put up and makes it easy to tuck the vestibule doors up for extra ventilation.

05-03-2017, 06:48
I have the revolution 1p, super tent. Very airy and roomy, and light enough. I like the poles on the outside as it's easy to put up and makes it easy to tuck the vestibule doors up for extra ventilation.

Like your bear penyata.....[emoji23]

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05-03-2017, 06:53
Lol, thats not a good bear hang.

05-03-2017, 07:30
I guess at least the bear can step on you and your tent if he needs another inch or two...[emoji1]....just sleep with it or do it effectively.....

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05-14-2017, 15:18
I can finally report out as promised on the tent I recieved from Big Sky International. As has already been discussed, the wait time wad long and communication from the company was nearly non-existent (FOR ME), but I'm not going to post my thoughts on that issue now; this is a report on the tent.

Big Sky offers several tents with several different options, and ordering is done in an "a la cartè" fashion. The tent that I ordered was the Revolution 2p, with the "porch" option. I ordered the mesh netting interior, and 17" ultra-light aluminum poles. In addition, I also purchased their "recommended" stake set (six 12cm Ultra-C stakes, two 14cm Ultra-C stakes, and two 15cm "Tube Steaks") and a guy line set (4 reflective Dyneema lines and four 20cm Tube Steaks.) I also purchased a tubular compression sack for the whole bit.

According to the weights listed on the website, I calculated that the tent, with all of my options, would weigh 54.1oz (or 3lbs, 6oz). The tent that I received, with all options, weighs exactly 54.1oz.

Big Sky's website lists the following dimensions for this tent (I've converted to inches):
Length: 90.5"
Width at head: 53.1"
Width at foot: 47.2"
Inner height at peak: 42.1"

I measured my tent with the following dimensions:
Length: 89"
Width at head: 51"
Width at foot: 45"
Inner height at peak: 42"

So the actual measured length of my tent is shorter than advertised by approximately 1.5", and shorter in width by roughly 2". These deviations in measurement do not affect or bother me -- I'm a 5'5" female, and I purchased this two-person tent to be used by myself, alone. I find the tent to be perfectly sized for my purposes.

Setting up the tent is pretty straightforward -- although I was thrown off by the "porch" configuration and the enclosed instructions don't account for that. I had to find some pics online and zoom in to see what I was doing wrong. After I figured out my error, I found that set-up is very easy, fast, and efficient...even for someone as awkward and uncoordinated as myself.

The quality and workmanship is excellent in my opinion. All seams are sewn straight and even; there are no loose threads or excess material. Two floor seams running the length of the tent are taped. There is nothing sloppy about the construction of this tent.

The color "Granite Grey" is actually much lighter than it appears on the website. It is a subdued color, and it allows a lot of daytime light in. The floor is described as "dark olive green". The bathtub floor rises 6" around the entire tent. There are four pockets incorporated into the mesh netting -- two on either side at the head, and two larger, deeper ones on either side at the foot end.

The fly has two vents on either side, and they can be manipulated open or closed easily from the inside. The vestibules extend to 26" out at their maximum reach, and the vestibule flaps have the nice feature of a very small buckle at the bottom, which can allow for the doors to stay closed with the zipper open -- for added ventilation in light rain, etc. The "porch" pole extends the ceiling of the vestibule out by about 9"...which adds some very useful space.

So far I've only had this tent out in fair weather, but the rain will come soon enough, and I'll see how it holds up to rain and wind.

I've spent several hours going over this tent with a critical (and picky) eye, and haven't found anything to criticize. I am very pleased with this tent.

05-14-2017, 19:22
I just got mine, too. My tent is a trade in Evolution 2P. I, too, have been frustrated by the communication. I remember that I was last time, too. But I just put up my new tent. It's beautiful. The stitching is great, the size is large, there are two side doors and vestibules, it has those pockets you mentioned and, well, it appears to be as good a tent as the last one. I've been trying to get an e-mail response from him for a week or so, and no dice on that, but I have my tent, and it's really nice.

05-20-2017, 08:52
Spent the last week out with my Revolution, and I think that I may like this tent more than my house.

It seems as though they might have treated the floor in some way to make it "anti-slip". It's not sticky of course, but I noticed nothing slid around or down slope like i thought it woud.