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03-12-2017, 18:18
Anybody have any suggestions on a 2 night loop trip in Massanutten Trail area for this time of year?

I have day hiked Signal Knob a couple of times and know water is scarce in area so don't just want to jump on a trail and go for it .Looking to pull 20 to 30 miles depending on terrain. Was going to hit Triple Crown in early April but decided against the crowds. I have searched online but am coming up empty handed so figured I'd ask here.

Thanks in advance

03-21-2017, 13:37
Use of water caches would allow you to do what you want, nearly anywhere over there. You can make a loop, parking at Camp Roosevelt, I believe. Either direction and you are garunteed not to see a soul

03-21-2017, 15:46
There are very few loops you can do other than the entire 71 miles. At the north end you can make around a 20 mile loop starting at signal knob parking, heading clockwise on the Massanutten Trail where you climb to the east ridge and taking a side trail down (don't know the name without looking at the map), then going up the fire road to mudhole gap to get back the the massanutten trail. If you do that there is good camping at the strasburg reservoir a couple miles south of signal knob.

In the south you can make a loop by starting at camp roosevelt and heading south on the massanutten trail (there are several campsites and water in this stretch), at 3 miles in you pass the side trail you will use to complete the loop later, then you will pass an unofficial side trail to stricker knob after about 5 miles (highly recommend this detour). The trail continues down before climbing waterfall mountain (get water before you climb as once you are on the ridge no water camping at the top). Once you get to the top the trail turns north and if you look on the map there is a side trail that goes down to a road. Near there is another side trail that goes near duncan knob (good but dry camping here and you can make a side trip to duncan's knob). This trail continues back down to the massanutten trail and you retrace your steps back to the car by heading north. This loop is probably in the low 20's for mileage.