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03-23-2017, 23:01
I decided that I want to order a Osprey Packs Exos 48 Backpack. I attempted to measure my back using the instructions on the Osprey web site.

I measured from the top of my Iliac crest to my C7 vertebrae. If I measured while bent forward with the ruler following my contour... 21", and if measured while standing straight up... 20". On the sizing chart both 20" and 21" indicate "M or L". The next higher measurement is "L".

I am indecisive about whether I should order a Medium or Large pack.

Any tips on your experience with selecting the correct size for this pack?



03-23-2017, 23:03
ps - I am 6' 1" & 205 lbs, if that helps

03-24-2017, 01:41
I've always been told to go a size up when right on the border, rather than a size smaller, not sure if this is true for osprey packs, however. My inclination is to tell you to order a L, but it would be nice to see some other responses.

03-24-2017, 02:42
I am same torso size and I would be a large, based on trying one on a little over a year ago
You should try them on though, if possible. It should be at a local retailer since it's such a popular pack. It's not a good fit for everyone. I personally could never use an exos. Its frame is a little different than most packs and I find is narrower on the bottom where the hip belt starts

03-24-2017, 06:41
Size up. You don't want the pack pulling on your shoulders, you want the weight resting on your hips. If the pack is too short, the hip belts doesn't ride correctly and the weigh is transferred to your shoulders. As someone who is 6'3", I've struggled to find packs that fit, until I spent the money and bought a Seek Outside Unaweep. Osprey packs never fit me correctly.

03-24-2017, 07:53
I'm 6'2" 215lbs and my large exos 58 fits nicely.

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03-24-2017, 08:17
At a couple of the REI stores I've been to in TN and GA, there is a plastic measuring contraption that Osprey makes and provides to the stores so that the employees there can measure you. You might want to try that.

FWIW I'm your same height less about 20 lbs. I measured out at 22-23", I forget. This was consistent with my home-based measurement that I got after enlisting help from a family member. People of the same height do vary on torso measurement - and conversely, people of the same torso measurement can be significantly different heights.

That said, I do fine with packs that are "only" supposed to fit torsos up to 21". In fact, my winter pack is adjustable (ladder-style) and I don't even need it at the very tallest measurement. I have it on the 2nd longest "rung" - though I'm not 100% sure about whether that is best or not (it's a question of how high off my shoulders the straps should be - should they nearly touch, or be 0.75"-1.0" higher, since the pack may not stay up there over time?). In either case, it suffices and I don't need a special order.

03-24-2017, 09:06
Any REI stores in your area? If so, go get measured.

With that said, I own an Exos 48. I'm 6 foot and 185 pounds. My pants inseam is 32. Can't recall my actual torso length. My large fits me like a glove. However, there is no substitute for getting professionally fitted from a store like REI and more importantly, trying it on in person. Good luck. :)

03-24-2017, 09:13
I'm 6'2" 215lbs and my large exos 58 fits nicely.

Agree with getting professionally fitted, a bad fit can make your hike less fun. That being said just measured my torso and its 20.5" standing straight up.

03-24-2017, 10:29
Get the large. Osprey runs a bit small in my experience.

03-28-2017, 14:30
This couldn't be a better thread for me to throw my first $.02 into.

I struggled with this exact same issue a couple months ago. I'm 6'1" with a 20-21" torso depending on how it is measured. I searched the internet like crazy looking for help when deciding between a M and L Osprey Exos 48. The search results were definitely not as one-sided as this thread (overwhelmingly telling you to go with a L). My search results yielded a majority suggesting the M. I went with the M. In the past month, I've backpacked over 200 miles with it (including the entire AT in Georgia and the entire Foothills Trail, and am so glad I went with the M. Fits like a glove, and carries like a dream.

04-06-2017, 11:44
If you do not have a store around that stocks both sizes then just order both, try both with weight, then make the informed decision. Return the one that doesn't fit. Try a company that has a close by store you can return to or that offers free return shipping.