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03-24-2017, 15:02
The last time I tried taking on the A.t was a few years back, I was about 18. I started in boiling springs and called it quits 179 miles into Vernon NJ (with a 60 pound pack..) S**t, I wish someone would have warned me..I knew nothing about carrying light. I simply bought a bag, stuffed it with essentials and let god carry me along the way. Now, im 24 years old and alot wiser than before, I suppose. I've been getting my gear ready to head out around may, was planning on going alone but thought I might find people or a person that might want to set out for a quote on quote expedition (we all know it ain't all sunshine and rainbows). I haven't figured out where to start yet but looking to reach further than before, maybe even finish.. Who knows? For now im thinking P.A or NJ to Mass or Vermont? Let me know your situation? Send me msg.. I haven't bought a tent yet incase someone had the heart but not the cash to set out. The least I would do for a friend is buy them a cheaper 1p tent.. And no nope this is not a "I don't want to be alone situation" just a kind gesture.. I still remember the day I was handed 100 bucks by a random person "a random good person" (trail angel).. Im at a point in my life where I just need to get out there again. Something told me to write this post and so I did. -Sushi

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03-24-2017, 15:04

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05-18-2017, 09:57
Hey I'm looking for hiking partners in New England. I'm flexible. I have a little bit of MA to do (From Sheffield to CT) or in VT from Bennington to wherever. I'm just a weekend warrior so at most I can do is a 4 day thing. PM me if interested!