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03-24-2017, 21:54
I've recently come into some "extra" money, so am looking at upgrading tents. currently packing the Sierra Flashlight 1, which is ok, but just ok. Looking at the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1, but then I saw it and thought about the 2, for bringing the gear in, potentially sharing with someone in an emergency, more elbow room, etc. The weight differential is only a few ounces, and I'd still be lighter than the current tent. Anyone have any experience with the Fly Creek UL1? Wish you'd bought the 2?

Sarcasm the elf
03-24-2017, 22:21
I used a BA Fly creek UL1 for a couple of years and I honestly hated the thing. The front entry sucked, it's usable floorspace was smaller than the stated footprint area, and it was not tall enough for me to sit up in, which while admittedly personal preference was a big problem to me. I ended up switching it out for a Tarptent double rainbow and am much happier. If you are dead-set on the Fly Creek I would definitely say go for the 2 person model. Several of my friends had the UL2 and were much happier with it than I was with the UL1 and for the minimal weight difference it will greatly improve your comfort. If you are still considering other models I would also suggest that you check out the Big Agnes Copper Spur, which has a side entry design that I like better, or check out comparable tents from a cottage manufacturer such as Tarptent, lightheartgear zpacks, etc.

evyck da fleet
03-24-2017, 23:34
I have a 1 and thought about whether I'd rather have purchased the 2. I don't have a problem fitting all my gear in it. In an emergency I'm sure I could fit someone else in there, not comfortably, but in an emergency yes. What don't I like? Not being able to sit up sometimes, that it is more triangular than rounded like the 2 which comes into play when above treeline in the wind and making sure that if its raining and windy I'm not pressed up against the side so the fly can stick against it and transfer water inside. That being said, I bought it to thru hike not camp. I'm not cramped, it doesn't prevent me from tenting above treeline in the wind and I didn't want to pay an extra $100 or whatever the difference was to add ounces. Is it a perfect tent? No, but it does everything I require and doesn't take up much space which allows me to camp in places a larger tent would not.

03-24-2017, 23:36
I owned both a one and the 2 and I echo what the elf is saying.....

Seemed cramped even in the 2 for one person...

Front entry I do not like...

And also bought a rainbow to use.....

I would also suggest copper spur or the hubba or a rainbow or even a six moon lunar solo...

03-25-2017, 08:43
Worth noting - most people in both this thread and in other threads who have purchased a Fly Creek wished they had purchased a Copper Spur instead. The most repeated comments are that users prefer the CS side entry over the FC end entry, the CS's more vertical walls, and the CS's larger vestibule.

03-25-2017, 09:17
If you're not dead set on the Fly Creek series, consider the Nemo Hornet series which is basically the same design of the Fly Creek except its side entry and is a little more roomier.

03-25-2017, 17:12
The Flying Creek has moments of sucking....mainly when it's raining.

However people choose it bc they want light. I have a 2 and can vouch id hate life in a 1.

03-25-2017, 17:13
Pardon the typo above....

03-25-2017, 17:46
If weight wasn't a concern I would go with side entry. Since I had to carry it 2000 miles I used Flycreek UL1, had plenty of room for me and gear, 5'9".

03-25-2017, 19:13
I bought the Fly Creek UL2 HV at a recent REI garage sale. I agree that a side entrance would be a bit easier for my old body, but for the $150 price I can turn another 90 degrees to enter. My hiking partners have the Nemo Hornet. We can have a comparison after our hike this summer.

03-25-2017, 23:22
Thanks for the info guys, I've always used a front-entry tent. The Fly Creek did seem fiddly, with some extra staking needed to get it to really expand to its official floor length and wall slope.

03-26-2017, 08:26
I just purchased the Nemo Hornet 2 and at 2lbs I can't imagine the Fly Creek. I am super happy with the Hornet. Have not had the chance to have it out in the rain yet but hope to soon.

03-27-2017, 04:10
I bought the Fly Creek UL1 and swapped out for the UL2. I'm short, about 5'1", but wanted to have more room for a dog and my gear inside the tent on a regular basis and the ability for the occasional second person. I don't love the front entry, but I haven't had the problems with rain that others have (even in night-long thunderstorms with strong winds).

If I were deadset on a 1P, I would get the Copper Spur (provided you're staying with BA), but if you don't mind the "2P," I think the Fly Creek UL2 was a nice compromise on space vs weight.