View Full Version : Where are they?

03-28-2017, 13:19
How far north are the first group of 20+ hikers?

03-28-2017, 13:42
A Feb 14th starter was at Hamilton, NC a few days ago, so he should be getting into VA right about now. Some late Feb starters are just north of Hot Springs. That's about all I can gleam from Trail Journals. The bulk of the 1000 hikers now on the trail are between Springer and Hot Springs. (Saw someone post that they were around the 1100th hiker to sign in at the park a few days ago).

03-28-2017, 13:47
Just guessing, but with an early March start, probably somewhere around Hot Springs, NC

03-28-2017, 13:49
At least a couple last I heard had passed Jennings Creek mile 755.7. These were several of the 2017/1/1 starters.

03-28-2017, 14:12
I am following a few guys on YouTube and one has surpassed 1000 miles but started early January. Another started mid-February but has already surpassed 700 miles and is in Northern Va. There are a half dozen guys in Northern Virginia and several more back in Damascus.

03-28-2017, 14:16
The couple that my wife and I started with on March 9th we're in Erwin yesterday. They are 65 and 68 years old. They claimed uncle Johnny's had a lot of hikers passing thru.

03-29-2017, 09:53
I know of a group at aprox. 750 mile marker.

Tennessee Viking
03-29-2017, 11:53
Early birds start as early as November or December depending on temps and snowfall.

I heard of some UL early birds who were already in PA/NJ by Trail Days time.

The main crowd usually starts out during March around the tail end of freezing temps.

03-29-2017, 14:26
For reference, here's the 2002 wave as it hit southern Maine. Peak NOBO wave was mid-Sept, but they started to trickle through in late June.


03-29-2017, 18:06
Lots of hikers in Erwin now.

03-30-2017, 14:11
I passed 22 thru-hikers this morning walking only 4 miles to the I-26 crossing. That's just south of Erwin.