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01-26-2006, 09:24
In late April or early May I plan to drive to Harpers Ferry and head South for some distance. I know that I can leave my car at the park for up to two weeks, but it would be great to find a place where I can leave it somewhat longer if I decide to keep hiking rather than to come back from Front Royal to leap frog my car again. The goal is to get to the James River and then to catch Amtrak in Lynchburg back up to HF. Any thoughts on places to leave my car? Have any motels allowed this in the past?


Green Bean
01-26-2006, 10:02
I was down in Harpers Ferry This past summer and i cant remeber if it was trail headquarters or a trail conference or what but we got droped off there for a section hike up to PA and its only about 4/10 mile off of the trail, but there is a a little parking lot behind the building. I havn't a clue if you can park there for long periods at a time or even park there at all, but its something to look into.~GB ~LIVE WELL~LAUGH OFTEN~LOVE MUCH~

01-26-2006, 17:38
Doc, My husband and I did 218 miles this past October ending in HF. We parked at the park and you can leave your car there for longer than 2 weeks if you just tell them what you are doing. We also called the park ahead of time and asked permission. We got the name of the person we talked to and when arriving at the park, they will give you a form to fill out which you must take to the visitor's center. We told them that we had permission from ...(can't remember his name) and they were fine with it. They told us where to park and then we went on our way. 18 days later we were back, car was fine and no worries on our part if we were longer than we anticipated. You do have to give them your anticipated date of return on the form you fill out. We just put it for longer than we thought we would be.

01-27-2006, 06:18
Call the hostel in Harpers. Lisa is very nice and I am sure she will help you.:)

Jack Tarlin
01-28-2006, 15:20
Also, try Laura at the Outfitter at Harpers Ferry (304) 535-2087.

The parking rules in town and at the Park Service long-term parking lot seem to change every year, but since she actually lives in town, Laura could certainly give you current information.