View Full Version : Any specific experience with Granite Gear Nimbus Trace Access packs?

04-10-2017, 21:48
I'm considering buying a Granite Gear Nimbus Trace Access 60 or 70 pack - Osprey packs don't fit me well, and I like the relative light weight of the Nimbus packs considering what is supposed to be a good weight capacity. Good for when I'm not going light.

I was wondering if anyone has experience with these particular packs. Not a ton of reviews out there. There are a couple of comments about the design of the hipbelt-frame interface causing a lot of pressure on the lower back and causing discomfort. Any concerns like that or about other things?

04-10-2017, 22:20
I cannot entirely answer your question. I have the granite gear blaze AC and I love it. I find the straps to be very padded and comfortable, both in the shoulders and hips. I think the smoother fabric (relative to the spacer mesh found in many hip belts) is less coarse and easier on the skin. The straps for my model seem to be similar to the Nimbus Trace. The back of the pack conforms nicely to my shape and so it does feel that the weight transfers well; perhaps it just matches my back well. To me, this is my most comfortable pack and I have tried osprey (in store), gregory (on trail) and rei (on trail) branded packs.
With that said, I a) have a different model pack than you are looking at b) have a suspension other than the one you are looking at and c) am a woman (which may impact relevancy to you!). YMMV, as always, but my experience is that granite gear is worth trying out if at all possible.

04-10-2017, 22:40
Thanks! That is helpful. I've also looked closely at the Blaze packs, and I'm sure a lot of the good things you describe apply to the Nimbus packs as well.

04-11-2017, 10:11
I bought a Nimbus Trace Access 60 (Ki)a few months ago (the "Ki" designation is apparently for women's specific sizing.) I knew all my measurements (torso, etc.) and followed all of Granite Gear's ordering instructions to the letter (I was not fitted for this pack and ordered a good deal from Amazon, but I've been properly fitted for all other packs in the past.)

After I got the pack Ioaded with nearly all of my gear and some "substitutes" (still waiting on my tent, simulated food pack, etc.), I put it on and wore it around the house for about an hour, maybe less. I was noticing some real pressure in the lower back, as though all the weight was pressing on a single spot right on or above the tail bone. I was confused and on the verge of disappointment when a little reading of the manual (which was not shipped with the pack; had to find it online) showed me that the fit can be "fine-tuned". The pack size I ordered came pre-set for a 16' torso, but can be further adjusted to 17" or 18". After following the directions in the manual, I adjusted the torso length to the 17" I need. I haven't noticed any discomfort since. (The width of the shoulder straps can also be adjusted wider or narrower depending on what you prefer.)

Since I got the pack I've been out on 8-10 mile conditioning hikes, and have not any complaints. All packs have their own quirks and negatives -- I personally don't care for the number of compression straps, and I'll probably cut the interior ones off (just using velcro cable ties to keep them out of the way for now.) I also wish the back stretch pocket was a bit wider, and the side stretch pockets were more "3 dimensional" on the bottom rather than flat -- so that water bottles don't have to strain that seam -- but that's just me and my nit-picking. It's a good pack. Granite Gear makes solid stuff.