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01-26-2006, 23:36
Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I received an email from the petition site's owner, (the petition to stop the North Shore Road from being built inside the Smoky Mountains), and they said the server itself is down. They said it is being worked on very hard, and it should probably be back up tomorrow! So, please let me encourage ANYONE who wanted to sign, PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP! PLEASE check back tomorrow! We still need more people to try and reach that 100 goal!

Keep checking the site at:
http://www.petitionthem.com/default.asp?sect=detail&pet=2456 (http://www.petitionthem.com/default.asp?sect=detail&pet=2456)

Once the petition is back up and running, this link will take you right to it! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE ALREADY SIGNED, AND THANKS IN ADVANCE TO THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE PLANNING TO SIGN! It means so much!

Have a happy day!:sun

01-26-2006, 23:46
Dixiehiker, you only have to post to one forum for everyone one to see. If you post in several, the thread gets disjointed and hard to follow. Some consider it spamming...

Thanks for your effort.

01-27-2006, 01:52
I deleted the post in the other forum.