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04-19-2017, 13:06
Does anyone have any experience with the lumbar style day packs? I've had multiple surgeries in each shoulder and they have been flaring up lately. It looks like this might be a good solution for day hikes that might ease the shoulders up for when I need to carry more weight on multi-day trips.

I could cut the necessary day trip stuff to water, a sawyer, snacks and a tiny first aid kit, etc...and be plenty light.

Are they comfy and stable or do they slide around your waist non-stop? Any tips or specific recommendations are appreciated!

04-19-2017, 14:02
I have used numerous waist packs for both hiking and carrying camera gear at work. In general, they are stable and comfortable, at least if they aren't overloaded. There are so many out there, it's hard to recommend one, but the Mountainsmith Tour is a classic large waist pack.


Feral Bill
04-19-2017, 18:16
I use one for XC skiing, and for light loads when day hiking. It works very well for me.

05-04-2017, 17:34
I've been using Mountainsmith Day packs for over 20 years now. The original finally died last year. Got the new, updated one. The new one has really clever water bottle pockets on each side of the main body. The new belt and shoulder strap are much better padded than the original. The waistbelt used to be one layer of fabric, with no padding what so ever. It was comfortable anyway, and the padded version is a little better. More plush. This bag is approximately 12x 12x 5 inches, and holds everything I ever needed on a day hike, or daily life in Manhattan. You can read all the specs online, so I won't bore you here.
The one catch is that the belt needs to be pretty snug for it to ride correctly. That, and using the load lifter type straps attached between belt and bag, like on a backpack. I found getting the right adjustment on those straps to be the key for comfort.
I also had an enormous sense of freedom wearing a lumbar pack, with nothing on my back. Plus never feeling hungry because the darn belt was so tight!
So that's my two cents. I think they're great, but like anything else, what works for me may not work so well for you. Good luck with your shoulder issues!

05-04-2017, 18:47
Great info! I have been thinking about getting a lumbar pack for summer day hikes and overnights.

In your experience, What is the max load for comfort? 10lbs? less?

05-04-2017, 19:05
I use one for hunting in the winter. It is home made with shoulder straps that allows me to carry all kinds of survival gear depending on the situation. I have back packed with it up to three nights. My limit is twelve pounds. An easy way to create your own is to buy the hip pack, attacked four buttons, and attach button type suspenders. Creativity will allow you to attach plastic for shelter, military poncho liner, space blanket, or sleeping bag. I never go any where without my poncho and liner.