View Full Version : Incredible views along Carver's Gap to 19E on Easter weekend

04-25-2017, 08:41
Some weekend trips just work out perfectly. Sometimes you expect tough climbs or bad weather, or that you'll have to sleep in a cold car the night before you get on the trail. And sometimes you get a bed & breakfast and a beautiful sunset on a stunning bald:


04-25-2017, 08:43
Oops, forgot to actually make it a link: http://www.therestlesswild.com/blog/bald-and-beautiful-on-the-appalachian-trail

04-25-2017, 09:03
VERY nice!
One of these days I'm going to do that section again.

The Solemates
04-25-2017, 10:01
its a lot of fun in winter too


04-25-2017, 10:39
Oh nice! Yeah, Max Patch last month was my first time backpacking in snow, and we didn't have nearly as much snow or chill as your trip! Amazing views during the winter though with all that snow.
Hey, does anybody know what's the deal with those couple of fence sections on Hump Mountain that just cross the trail and don't go any farther?