View Full Version : Late start NOBO mid May

04-25-2017, 16:22
Anyone else leaving Springer mid may?

map man
04-25-2017, 19:16
Here is a thread started by someone leaving May 21:


04-25-2017, 20:24
Thanks! I want to miss the bubble but would still like to get a sense of the trail community along the way and not hike in complete isolation. I suspect more and more folks will be starting a little later in the season for the same reason.

04-25-2017, 21:55
You will get the just graduated from college bubble. I started May 15 last year and a large percentage were recent college graduates.

04-25-2017, 23:37
Outside of full privies and potentially pissed off townspeople, should be a great time to hike. Long days, warm weather, no slogging through snow and camping at 3:30 because it's getting dark, you should cruise.