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04-26-2017, 14:10
i started my thru hike down at flag mountain alabama march 12.
hiked 300 miles with a hiking partner that i didnt know before starting the hike.
long story short, my partner was a great person but i couldn't keep up (this person was a very experienced thru hiker).
i got off the trail in Dalton, GA.
now i'm back home and sad. I want to start the hike again at Springer.
I know if I don't start within the next week or two, my dream will be that: just a dream.
i've been searching for another hiking partner via this website and going through my home network for the last few weeks to no avail.

i guess this is my last attempt to find a hiking buddy.
i'm too big of a chicken to show at Springer alone. somehow this forum seems a little more comforting than that.

anyone out there in the same position as me? need a hiking buddy?

i would be willing to join people at any point of the trail; doesnt have to be springer because i can always loop back around myself after katahdin.

i was hiking 15-17 miles a day fairly comfortably and was hoping to work up to 20.

holler back if you're interested.

you can email me here, too : sureimsure@gmail.com

05-02-2017, 16:53
This is probably a little late but... I'm continuing a NOBO section hike on Friday, May 5, from Marion, VA. My target is Harper's Ferry; although I could possibly go into PA if I'm healthy. I'm not the fastest hiker, but I can do 15 miles and have done 20 in a day.

I should mention that my history with partners is not good. I started at Springer last year and lost 3 partners within a week. They either dropped off or zeroed more days than I did. Nevertheless, it's not a bad idea to have someone watching your back, so I wouldn't mind trying again.

BTW, you shouldn't let the lack of a hiking partner stop you. At this time of the year, there are a lot of hikers out there and you can always follow another hiker or group if they are amenable to it.