View Full Version : Lyme Disease must be treated early!

05-05-2017, 06:45
For those out on the trail this year, you already know about the tick explosion. I have a friend who has been dealing with Lyme disease for over 15 months. He has lost significant weight, and has chronic problems. Lyme disease CAN be treated, BUT, must be treated EARLY. If you have symptoms, please check the following list https://www.lymedisease.org/lyme-disease-symptom-checklist/

Please be safe and smart. Lyme disease can affect the rest of your life, it is not something you can "push through."

Good luck to all of you. I wish you all a safe hike, and hope you find whatever you seek on the trail.

05-05-2017, 07:26
Many people get Lyme disease and never have a rash - me being one of them. Extreme fatigue and spiking a high fever and chills every day can also indicate Lyme.

09-02-2017, 09:48
check out thomaslabs.com. You can buy some doxy and bring some with you just in case

09-02-2017, 09:50
It's called bird biotic and market for pets, but 100mg of doxy is 100mg of doxy. I've taken the Amoxicillin with good results.
Or get a doc the prescribe you a little to take with just in case.

09-02-2017, 22:56
People need to be alert to this - and alert for it on their dogs!

Using permethrin on clothing does help!