View Full Version : Anybody need a ride to trail days??

05-09-2017, 14:53
Hey! So I started a thru hike earlier this year and injured my knee, came back home to Asheville to let it heal and got sucked back into dealing with my business and life haha. I still plan on going to trail days and am offering any thru hikers who would like a ride to trail days and back. If you need a ride and you are on the NC portion of the trail let me know. Happy trails👍🏼

05-12-2017, 20:21
I will need a ride from Erwin. I can pitch in for gas.

05-12-2017, 22:34
I would be very interested in a ride, I am flying back to Ashveille on the 16th. I got off trail a week ago and was checking to see if I could carpool with someone to Trail Days to meet up with my hiking buddies. I will pitch in for gas just let me know.

05-13-2017, 06:33
If both of you will send me a pm with your number I'll get ahold of you and we can get everything worked out👍🏼

05-13-2017, 13:52
I plan on leaving Asheville mid morning Thursday the 18th. I could swing through Erwin on my way to pick you up👍🏼

05-17-2017, 18:50
I'm in Standing Bear Farm/Davenport Gap...any chance you could give me a ride to Damascus tomorrow (the 18th)? Thank you.

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05-18-2017, 07:04
It's not my intention to hijack this thread....but... I'm in Johnson City, Tn. I will be driving to trail days tomorrow, Friday the 19th. I can give one or two people a ride. When I will be returning to Johnson City depends on what happens at trail days.

05-19-2017, 03:21
I need a ride from the Greyhound station and Bristol to Damascus tomorrow

05-19-2017, 07:05
What time are you going to be in Bristol, Bobbie?. As I said I'll be leaving Johnson City on Friday. As it turns out I will be leaving around 9:00 AM. I checked the thread before I went to bed last night but there wasn't any posts. As its now 7:00 AM I will be leaving in about 2 hrs. I can delay a little. So post quickly if your bus will be in Bristol this morning.