View Full Version : North Face Roadrunner 23 Footprint

01-28-2006, 16:55
Can't find any anywhere. The salesperson at REI Perimeter in Atlanta told me yesterday that they were on sale at reioutlet.com. Got home. Searched. Not there.

Searched Google, Yahoo Shopping, Campmor, REI... but not eBay yet.

Found lots of Roadrunner 2 and 22 footprints. Heard they were interchangeable with the 23. Does anyone know?

No, I'm not camping without a footprint now. Just using a 6x8 tarp, but since warm weather is on the way, I wanted the option of fly and footprint camping with what I already own.

Help? Thanks in advance.

01-28-2006, 22:37
Found one specified as a "23" at Mountain Gear. $30. Pretty typical price across the board.