View Full Version : New KMart Grease Pot, 3.9 oz and holds 1 qt+

01-29-2006, 18:10
Saw this in KMart (Not Wal-Mart) today.
Even better that the Wal-Mart Grease Pot as the top edge lip is rolled OUTWARD rather than inward like the Wal-Mart version.
The brand is Stanco.
$6 and it holds a little more than 1 quart of water.
3.9 oz for the Pot and Lid (remove lid knob for 0.2 oz less)
Strainer is 1.0 oz but you do not need to carry that part.
Inside dim. are 3 & 1/16" high and 5 & 3/8" in Dia.


01-29-2006, 18:58
It still has the rolled bottom though (for strength I guess). Not a problem for boiling water, but it can be hard to clean. Good find though. I may give it a try for freezer bag cooking.

01-30-2006, 07:12
Is this pot made of aluminum? I try hard not to use aluminum cookware due to the possible connection to Alzheimer's. Stainless is safe WRT that concern, if heavier, while titanium (which my hiking cookpot is made of) is plenty light if pricier.