View Full Version : Worthington Park to NY Water Availability

06-07-2017, 14:33
I'm section hiking NJ in August, (starting at Worthington), & trying really hard to keep my pack weight down to 30 lbs. With seven days of food & one liter of water I'm right at 30 lbs. I will eat 2 lbs of food a day, (7 days of food), allowing me to carry more water as I meander down the trail and still keep to my target weight. My question is about water at the beginning of the trail over the first 20 miles, or two days of walking for me. How available and frequent is reliable water in those first 20 miles? Is it safe to only carry one liter in that section of the trail? Thanks all!

06-08-2017, 10:57
Having been over that section a few times, I believe there will be ample water available, either from streams or commercial/private sources. There are many road crossings along with several camp sites and shelters which, according to the rangers that I recently spoke with offer water. There is Crater Lake, Sunfish Pond, AMC Mohican Center, etc. Good luck! I'll be hiking south from Greenwood Lake in mid-August. Perhaps we'll meet.

06-08-2017, 13:51
I hiked from Greenwood lake to DWG in september and never had to worry about water. there were jugs of water at just about every road crossing. besides that, all the water sources listed in the AWOL guide had water. the only one that was questionable was the source at Brink road shelter. you'll be fine