View Full Version : Success Pond Rd. Conditions?

06-09-2017, 17:45
Heading into the Mahoosic Notch Monday and was wondering how the road access is. Has anyone traveled Success Pond Rd recently? Thanks.


06-09-2017, 22:09
Not recently, but I would suspect it to be a little bumpier then usual, and it's usually very bumpy. It gets pretty rough towards the notch trail. 15-20 mph is about top speed. High clearance helps a lot. I doubt the road has been graded yet with all the rain this spring.

Look out for locals with 4WD trucks, they tend to go a lot faster and down the center of the road. There can be ATV traffic too, that road access ATV trail heads.

Be advised: Black flies will be out in force this coming week. I can barely stand doing yard work right now.