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Trail Dog
02-03-2003, 12:41
Hey all, its been a while, wow over 600 members nice to see we are growing.

Well i leave for my thru hike on feb 26th and i wanted to make sure i had the mail drop address format correct. Could someone please reply witht he correct format?

Thanks a million see you on the trail!!

SGT Rock
02-03-2003, 12:43
Ernest Engman
c/o General Dilevery
Fontanna Dam, NC 28733
Hold for A.T. Hiker, expected 21 MARCH

02-03-2003, 12:50
If you're using Post Offices just address them to:\

c/o General Delivery
City, State Zip

At the bottom of the box write the following:

Please hold for AT Hiker (add your expected arrival date if known)

Trail Dog
02-03-2003, 13:17
is this format good or will it cause confusion. I printed out labels as follows. If i should i will redo it.

Robert Cohen
c/o General Delivery
Montebello, VA
P.O. 24464
Please hold for AT thru hiker
Expected arrival on or about April 23rd

Thanks guys

02-03-2003, 13:19
Just curious ...why do you need the P.O Box #

It'll get ot the Montebello Post Office fine without it and all you have to do is show ID at the counter to claim your box.

Lone Wolf
02-03-2003, 13:24
That'll work just fine, Trail Dog.

Trail Dog
02-03-2003, 13:25
I was taking it out of the data book. Its not P.O. box its just P.O. meaning post office. I'll ask the guy at my local post office also if i should change it, we are talking about my food here, dont want to take any chances


02-03-2003, 13:33
Like Lone Wolf said ...that'll probably work fine. Was just curious why the PO ? Second time through this for me and have not seen or used the PO in front of the Zip Code

Jack Tarlin
02-03-2003, 15:49
Trail Dog---your drop labelling is fine, except I hope you're not actually planning to go to Montebello; it's an impossible hitch from the Trail meaning a long, hot roadwalk.

Trail Dog
02-03-2003, 16:40
thanks for that bit of info i just picked one address at random, its sort of a if i have to mail drop. I might go to Montebello to return home though i have to check for bus or train service. I have to do a lot of on and off the trail for National Guard Training back in New York.

which brings me to my next post.... thanks