View Full Version : where did you do your mail drops

Trail Dog
02-03-2003, 16:43
Ok so where did you do your mail drops?

if you guys could post a quick list of the towns you picked up packages in, or used to send bounce boxes or just found it easy to get to the post office in I'd apprichiate it.

I just got warned away from Montebello, maybe there are some other places i shouldn't use for mail drops.

Thanks again

02-03-2003, 17:25
There have been several threads about mail drops. For concise information, see the list of Post Office published in Wingfoot. He lists the number of packages shipped to each post office.

Also, see Baltimore Jack's posts on resupply.

This is not a direct answer to your question, but I think you will find adequate information if you have either Wingfoot or the Companion, plus read Jack's good posts.

02-03-2003, 19:45
There are some definite places you should maildrop due to poor grocery options, some of them are Fontana Dam, Port Clinton, Delaware Water Gap etc...Although it's been a while since I've hiked the south.