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06-28-2017, 15:41
Does anyone know if Bakster Park in Maine closes any earlier than October 15th?

06-28-2017, 16:22
It can. It closes when the tote road is no longer passable due to snow.

06-28-2017, 16:24
Didn't open later than normal this year because of snow?

06-28-2017, 16:28
You are asking two questions. Baxter State Park is big place and its open for overnight use until October 22nd. Some campsites like Katahdin Stream and Daicey are now open a bit later until October 22nd while most close on October 15th.

The trails up Mt Katahdin close when they are deemed unsafe at the discretion of the park. It usually snows prior to October 15th and the trails up Mt Katahdin can be closed by the park earlier, with the possibility that they can reopen if there is a weather shift. T

In highly unusual weather events the park has closed in its entirety earlier for a few days, usually due to Hurricane or Tropical Storm remnants heading through the area.

06-28-2017, 16:39
Didn't open later than normal this year because of snow?

About the average time, I think. Park officials have to wait until the road dries out and is hard enough to drive on.

10-06-2017, 02:12
They also have a quota system now where once like 2800 thru hikers pass through they are done, or some such. I just saw it on maybe the ATC's website. Some crazy thing. I have no idea whether they also are counting SOBOs but if not the odds of seeing 2800 thru-hikers in a year are infinitesimal.

10-06-2017, 05:11
The prior poster is confused. If and when the quota is reached, entrance to the park via Abol bridge is closed to AT thruhikers without reservations (actually anyone who has hiked in excess of 100 miles who do not have reservations). Yes they are counting South bounders. These hikers can still enter the park via the Togue Pond gate, like any other visitor to the park. They can stay overnight if there are open reservations in the park or they can day hike the mountain if they are car supported and climb to the summit of Mt Katahdin assuming the summit trails have not been closed due to weather conditions. If and when the limit is reached, thru hikers effectively become normal visitors.

Note the park has not published the final details on this policy as it hasn't occurred yet. I do not think they have answered the question if a thruhiker with reservations in hand will still be able enter the park via the AT at Abol Bridge even if the quota is met. I expect if and when the quota is reached there will be additional dialogue on thru hiker impact to the park.

10-06-2017, 16:50
I called the park the other day.About Oct 1 I was wondering what the number was. The lady said she thought they had about 600 to go before they reach 3150. She also told me that no matter what the AT would be open for hiking from Abol bridge to the foot of the Hunt trail near the Briches. You would then have to exit the park(as in hitch to town) if you did not have a camping reservation.