View Full Version : Video: Sawyer Mini vs Squeeze

06-28-2017, 18:31
I have been asked why I use the mini instead of the squeeze, so I bought the squeeze to test out on my last trip. Here is a video I put together with a comparison of the two, and some tips on keeping them working like new while on the trail.


06-28-2017, 18:36
Okay that is the wrong video, here is the correct video ...

06-28-2017, 22:03
Subject: Squeeze Caps
If you want to keep the Squeeze capped when not in use, but you don't want the weight of the push/pull valve, and if you don't use the Sawyer bladder...
Steal the cap from the enclosed bladder as your Squeeze Cap.

Uncle Joe
06-28-2017, 22:07
Hmmm That Mini seems faster than mine.