View Full Version : Perimeter Netting

06-29-2017, 20:41
For those out there experienced in tarps, have you found that perimeter netting, such as on the SMD Deschutes Plus, works? Does it blow open in the wind too easily?

06-29-2017, 21:02
Most peoples complaint is it picks up debris and water. Particularly muddy splashback in rain.

Never been that big o deal to me on my hexamid, which has full net bottom. But more of same. Some people are finicky I suppose.
Blowing around is fixed with rocks and gear

In winter it can freeze to ground

06-29-2017, 22:26
I thought about getting it on my duomid but decided against it for reasons above. Actually bought a Borah cuben bivy yesterday...hopefully it works as I hoped....4.9 oz for reg/wide....looks nicely made but the cuben is very thin so I'll likely still bring a poly ground sheet...

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