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07-04-2017, 00:29
Hey Class of 2012!

I was lucky to meet many of you during my 2012 thru-hike. That trip was one I'll never forget. I have reconnected with a handful of friends recently that I had contact info for or who had commented on my YouTube video series: Loner2012AT.

However, after several years, I've lost contact with others or never knew real names or had contact info for many more. I're just released a new book about my thru-hike called 'Painted Blazes' (more info in the book thread) and mentions by trail name many of the hikers I met or hung out with. The 'Hiker Updates' section in the back of the book has been very popular and people like to hear what thru-hikers might be doing a few years later.

If you hiked (or helped hikers) in 2012 and would like to be included in the upcoming 2nd edition of the book please contact me at [email protected] Did you go on to attempt other trails or adventures? Maybe you got married, had babies, or started a business? Has your thru set the stage for the next section of your life?

The plan is to post new updates on my website http://PaintedBlazes.com and then print a handful of those in the 2nd edition when it gets updated later this year. Hope to hear from you 2012!

Jeffrey "Loner" Gray AT Class of 2012


08-09-2017, 15:55
Come on class of 2012 - I'm working on the updates. Buy the way, Painted Blazes is now available on eBook for $4.99.