View Full Version : Free Dehydrated Meal Ingredients-Brooklyn

Slow Pony
07-04-2017, 15:10
Hey folks. Not really sure if this belongs here or in the gear for sale section. Anyways, my always hungry chef boyfriend bought us an ENORMOUS amount of bulk dehydrated vegetables, beans, and TVP to make our meals for this season's hiking trips. We made enough meals to carry us into the winter and there's still so much left. The greens hydrate almost instantly in ramen, minute rice, and knorr sides. The beans and TVP take a little longer (few minutes) to hydrate but nothing too crazy. There's some mini potato cubes that have to be actually cooked (no instant meals) but it's worth it for potato fiends like me. I suppose it looks kind of sketchy but I've never known hikers to turn down free food and I feel awful wasting food. If anybody wants to come pickup some food in Brooklyn send me an email at [email protected] Pictures in the Craigslist post below. https://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/zip/6204587189.html