View Full Version : Parking at Southern Terminus?

07-10-2017, 18:46
Hi friends!

I'm looking for some advice on parking spots near the southern terminus in North Adams, MA. Planning a multi-day in the near future and I live nearby, but no one to shuttle me. Getting my hiking legs on for a thru-hike! Thanks in advance!


07-10-2017, 20:50
The AT goes through a residential area on either side of the RT 2 crossing, so there is no "trail head" parking near by. Your best bet is to go to Williamstown. Ask the PD there for recommendations. There is a blue blaze trail which leads out of Williamstown and connects to the AT just before entering Vermont and the start of the LT.

07-11-2017, 09:38
This place is just off the trail along Route 2 and has always been indicated as offering parking for hikers. That leaves you with the 4 miles (or so) of the MA section of the AT before you hit VT and the part that is the Long Trail, but still probably the closest spot to get to the trail.

There is a small amount of roadside parking at the end of the Pine Cobble trail http://wrlf.org/the-pine-cobble-trail/ (which is what I believe Slo-go'en is referring to as a blue blaze) but I don't know if they would allow parking for a length of time (only stopped there once for a quick hike up to the AT and back).