View Full Version : Green Corner Road Lodging?

07-14-2017, 20:30
My data book might be old, but I see that there is lodging and grocery just north of the Smokies at a place called "Green Corner Road." The services are 0.2 miles west of the trail. Can anyone shed light on what's there? Thanks in advance!

map man
07-14-2017, 21:28
Standing Bear Farm -- a hostel with a camp store.


A couple things worth mentioning about the information on their web page: it still lists Curtis Owen as co-owner but he passed away in early 2015; it mentions you can do your laundry there but there is no washing machine (you have to hand wash your stuff), though there is a dryer.

07-28-2017, 14:35
Thank you! I did get in touch with them but what you've shared is good info to know!

07-28-2017, 14:42
they also, in my experience, like to say on the phone that they dont take reservations for cabins, but then upon arrival, state that all the cabins have been resevred.