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07-17-2017, 13:03
On my thru hike last year one of my best memories was spending a few hours on the patio of Gyp's Tavern, overlooking Culver's Lake. It was a short walk off the trail so I figured I'd get some real food and a beer. I arrived in the late afternoon, threw my pack beside me at a vacant table on the patio, and ordered a burger and beer. Both were delicious. The place starting getting busier and I struck up conversations with a number of people out back. Gyp's is one of those eclectic, egalitarian places. Tradesmen's pickups and BMW SUVs shared the parking lot. There was a pool table. I loved the vibe. After a great meal and good conversation I went to pay my tab. An older gentlemen, noticing my pack, asked if I was hiking the AT. He then insisted on paying my tab. I tried to decline, but he insisted. A woman nearby offered, unsolicited, to drive me up to the CCC Pavillian on Sunset Mt. to give me a headstart for the next day. She said she always offers rides to hikers. I declined (hike the whole hike and all that), but should have accepted. Everyone I met at that place was great, and the view from the patio right beside Culver's Lake was magnificent. Great NJ experience.

07-17-2017, 13:07
It's been a year; I think it was SUNRISE Mt. that the CCC Pavilian was on.

07-17-2017, 18:11
We stopped at Gyp's back in 1976 on our SOBO attempt and had a pizza and a beer. On my 2010 NOBO hike I along with about 5 others stopped at Gyp's on a Saturday morning to watch World Cup soccer and get some food. After we placed our order the waitress asked us to move to the back room because we smelled. Not only was she rude, there was no television in the back room. There were only about two other patrons in the place.

07-19-2017, 08:45
That's not very hiker friendly. Maybe because I parked myself on the patio I didn't run into any issues regarding my stench. Anyway, it was a good experience.