View Full Version : H2O in SNP (southern portion)

07-18-2017, 08:26
Am planning a north-bound thru for SNP next week and want to know if anyone has recent experience regarding the water sources at Calf Mountain and Black Rock shelters. I would hope that recent rains would have those two springs running fairly well. Info on SNP website dates back to Sept. 2016. And water is heavy!

Also, I understand that food vaults have been installed at shelter sites beginning at the north end of SNP.
About how far south (shelter-wise) have the vaults been installed?

Any other recent observations would be appreciated. Thanks.

Gambit McCrae
07-18-2017, 09:43
I would highly recommend the Guthooks app. It is probably the best "real time water update" out there as it is a user interface. I know from my experience going thru the park that the 12 mile stretch from the northern base of calf before the shelter, to black rock shelter has no water sources. Black rock shelter as well, is a good haul off the trail, maybe a half mile or so but I recall it being a very good source. Other then that, In my experience, water was not a problem. keep in mind you cross Skyline Drive pretty routinely, if it is a safety issue of heat vs no water, you can always hitch to a roadside water source, fill up and then hitch back to your exit point. ALOT of north bounders were skipping that 12 mile stretch I spoke of above, due to the no water mixed with a good climb or 2 as well as the extreme heat of that week. I am the guy that would rather carry the 2.5 liters, have all the water I want, probably not run out and have the piece of mind rather then try and get by with a liter. Older I get the more water I drink. Another useful tip may be that when you are at the water source, drink a liter. then fill up, that saves me from drinking for the next 2-3 miles and conserves my water supply on some of those longer no water situations.