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07-21-2017, 21:19
Four of us are planning a week section hike. What are some things that could be shared amongst we four to lighten the load? I already suggest cat hole trowel, first aid kit, insect spray. Each will have his own 2p tent.

07-21-2017, 21:34
I would recommend carrying your own trowel. The person carrying it may not be nearby when you urgently need it. Less than 2 ounces, not really a big deal.

However, items such as stove, water filter, pot, bear bag, rope, and repair kit can be shared, although I would say bring two to share between four people.

Traffic Jam
07-21-2017, 22:20
I plan the family hikes and my rule is there will be a complete set of everything for every two people and if the group gets divided, the gear is divided appropriately.

For four people...2 FAK's, two water filters, two cook sets, two ropes, two shelters, two sets of maps and route info.

Each person carries their own food, water, sleeping system, clothing, hygiene kit, personal items, and divides up the rest.

The other rule is two people will always hike together and have a complete set of backpacking gear.

Traffic Jam
07-21-2017, 22:24
You would save a lot of weight if you shared the shelters/tents.

07-21-2017, 22:48
Sooo, each p in a 4 p party has a 2p tent and you're asking how to save wt? Cooperate to a greater degree. That seems to be lacking in many attitudes here on WB. Double up only taking 2 @ 2 p tents or if each of you must have a tent with 4 @ 1 p tents. Doing that will save each person 1 lb 4 oz (20 oz) in shelter wt alone assuming your 2 p tents avg 2 lb 8 oz each. Can save ground cloth wt too which could be another 3-8 oz for EACH tent.

Further considering breaking up into 2 parties as TJ advised if you go with an even lighter 2 p shelter that uses trekking poles instead of dedicated tent poles make sure at least 1 p in that 2 p group uses trekking poles. If a 2 p group can cooperate effectively they can save a cook pot, stove, separate fuel receptacle, etc.

Share a toothbrush? :eek:

07-21-2017, 23:13
Darn near foolish to carry that much tent weight for 4 people a whole week.

Between weight And pack space alone.... but also camping spots. You're committing to around shelters with that many.... but not all shelters have the same space around them. You could find yourself not pitching each one each night which then doubles down the redundant weight.

Iv shared tents in various weather conditions with different friends.... after climbing up and down 25 miles you just crash after dinner anyways.

07-21-2017, 23:51
Each has a lightweight tent so leaving two at home is out of the question, though I understand the site situation.

The extra space trumps the extra ounces.

The pot, fuel stove are possible. Others, experiences?

07-22-2017, 01:17
Depends on how tight a group you will be. If you are spread out during the day, you run the risk of possible separation. Can you handle communal meals? Or waiting for a pair to finish cooking, thus sharing a stove. I once shared a camp with four ladies from CT. They ate a communal meal and they shared a 4p tent. They were close friends and stuck together while hiking. They were super efficient. The less you may have hiked with your group members the greater amount of your own gear should you carry.

Traffic Jam provided about the easiest formula for your group. You could switch to two tents and a tarp if you think m you will need some space. You'd be saving weight and having a covered cooking area.

07-22-2017, 11:49
The beauty of backpacking is each person is a self contained unit so that if you get separated you can each act independently.

Francis Sawyer
07-29-2017, 10:27
It depends how far you want to go you can share anything. Give each other piggyback rides and " share" the walking.

07-29-2017, 12:02
You clearly haven't seen people get low blood sugar, tired of it all, or just plain nasty about being in the woods. Everyone carries their own stuff. People get separated and miss a trail turn all the time-even veterans. Be safe and know that others are more than likely safe-at least for the night. We can go a lookin in the mornin'.