View Full Version : NOBO from Sams Gap to Erwin TN over the weekend.

07-25-2017, 21:15
The trail was very lightly travelled this weekend from Sams Gap to Erwin. Saw a few other hikers the first day and no one on Sunday. Weather was okay, a little hot Saturday and the climbs really took some of us out.
Water was generally available but you had to carry some extra in places. If you are planning this section keep in mind from Big Bald to Spivey there's not much there.

Big Bald was nice, reminded me of a small Max Patch. The views to Erwin were great coming down into town. Thunderstorms Sunday were rough but they cooled stuff off, even with a little hail.

I used my Hammeck hammock, my DIY Fleece sleeping bag liner as a bag, and my thin "Sumderquilt" lightweight summer underquilt with 1/2" of insulation. It was plenty for the 60 degree weather.
Summer hiking is still not my favorite, but I finished Tennessee.