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08-03-2017, 21:25

I dont know if you have the same thing in the US but I have just used these on a 14 day walk on the Larapinta Trail here in Australia
I found them very good for keeping debris out of my boots.
The thing I like about them the most is they are very cheap $6 AUD and have lasted very well hardly any signs of damage and they weren't new for the walk. I find I wear out Dirty Girls very quickly as I rub my feet together.
I have used them alot around the yard when mowing or chainsawing but this was the first time I used them as a gaiter for hiking.

I will be definitely using them when I do the CDT next year and wish I had thought of them for the AT and PCT , would have saved me alot of cash!


08-04-2017, 06:42
Knda like Dirty Girl gaiters


08-04-2017, 18:24
They are just a piece of material, usually cotton drill or sometimes an oil skin, that has elastic around the top. It then just droops over the top of the boot and isn't actually connected to the boot in anyway. So not really the same as dirty girls
Just giving a heads up for alot cheaper alternate to dirty girls, and pretty easy to make your self if you want.

08-18-2017, 09:50
They do look like they would do the job of keeping duff out of boots or shoes... but in a place where people spend $300 - $600 on a tent and $100 on a sleeping pad, etc, " a lot " cheaper than something that costs, what, $25? is kinda funny.

...although I did pay someone to cut and hem a pair of my socks for the same purpose. :D

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