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"In Theory"
02-02-2006, 15:03
when considering a sleeping bag temp, do you include wearing clothes in your decison or sleeping naked? I have always section hiked and camped in the summer. night time temps around 50 deg. i usually just sleep in a bag liner and if it gets cool i add a emer. bivy bag. both together are 16 oz.this year the average temp in the area iam hiking will be 35-40. Is a 20 deg bag the way to go or a 40 deg bag and just wear 100wt-200wt fleece to sleep in. ive sleep in mw capl in a 40 deg bag and been cold in damp 40 deg weather. generaly speaking i am a warm sleeper.

02-02-2006, 15:22
Sleeping usually in the stinky hiking clothes with night socks while the day time socks grouse any animal nearby. I've noticed that some like the silk liner to keep the sleeping bag fresh. I'm naturally fresh. If you prefer the shelter or out alone in hammock or tent is a factor as far as stink is concerned, but warmth is an opinion level. I still prefer the wool liner inside a 40 deg light light bag. The liner can be hung out or mailed home.

02-02-2006, 15:34
I generally sleep in a 20 degree down bag (other than in the warmer months when I use a 50 degree synthetic travel sack) and I sleep IN as little as possible, based on the weather. That said ...I generally carry one pair of mesh long legged underwear and a long sleeve shirt which I do not use for hiking. That way I have something to change into when the day is done and I want to climb out of my "uniform" (hiking clothes)

Only exception(s) to the above are when I'm too danged tired to change clothes and/or when it just too friggin cold for my 20 degree bag. In the latter case I just start layering until I'm comfortable and then peel as necessary as the night goes on.


Just Jeff
02-02-2006, 16:18
Well, I sleep in pretty often - I just don't like getting up early like some folks do.

I usually sleep in silkweight poly thermal pants and a polyester T-shirt. As it gets colder, I'll add the thermal top, fleece pants and jacket, and even breathable rain gear. (I put the raingear over the thermals and under the fleece. Once I woke up in wet fleece b/c the "breathable" raingear acted as a pseudo-VB. Maybe it was too humid outside.)

I use quilts, and I definitely consider wearing gear to bed in whether or not to take a heavier quilt or a bag. It's multi-use so it saves packweight for the same amount of warmth. And you have to carry warm clothes anyway.

02-02-2006, 17:13
I have a sub kilo from REI its a 20 degree bag it packs up small. I dont usually sleep in my clothes I sleep in nylon gym shorts or boxers. I am a hot sleeper. When I snow camp I have a 0 degree bag that I take but some times I even get to hot in that. When you go to buy one get in it, put a sleeping pad under you, really move around in it make sure it fits and you are comfortable in it.

02-02-2006, 17:29
i use a hammock and drape my 35* down bag over me like a quilt. i usually sleep in my hiking shorts and base t-shirt, even it it's summer and 80* & humid at night. if it's going to be much below 50, i'll wear my long underwear polypro top to bed, just to have my arms covered (mostly while i read). below 40, i add longjohns and get into the bag (not warmer per se, but it keeps the drafts from coming in when i roll over...quilt-mode is way more comfortable overall). i always keep a 1oz fleece hat handy, even in summer, as it's one of the easiest ways to regulate body temp. all that gets me down into the 28-30* range.

below that, i use a technique called a 'house', along with a 'bed and LL Bean down comforter'... sometimes i even use a 'wife'... they all work good for staying warm.

(i hate the cold, seldom camp in it voluntarily despite my upstate/central new york upbringing, and am glad i've already got trees budding here, on groundhog day... spring is just a few days away down here... )

02-02-2006, 17:50
I use the Jagbag silk liner and always wear silk long johns unless it's absolutely too hot. I also carry a 25 degree down bag year round.

I've only recently started wearing damp socks to bed to dry them out by morning. Before I always had a separate pair to wear to bed.

When the nights are real cold, I stuff things that I want to keep warm in with me...like gloves or shorts. I can't get my blow up doll inside with me though.

One guy's bag got to stinking so bag he had to wash it around half way. I have around 4,000 miles and have yet to wash mine...it doesn't stink...honest.

I have been careful to try and avoid it coming in contact with my bodily fluids if you know what I mean.;)

02-02-2006, 18:06
I wear as little as possible. Usually i wear boxers or gym shorts unless it's below 20 degrees and then I will wear thermals as well. I try to keep my smell out of my bag by blocking it with clothes that already stink. So far so good !

02-02-2006, 18:34
i clean myself many times each day and night.i get muddy,food covered and smokey but ussually i dont stink.unless i eat crap and meat.when i sleep on the AT ,i use the same bag for all seasons .in hot weather ,im under or on top with it unzipped.in sub zero im nude with a hat.now dont laugh.since i was 14,i used a 40 below zero ddown mummy at 4 to 5 pounds.this works for me as i have no naturaly occuring circulation or warmth.now,this thru hike i bought a 20 below to use and i will simply be warm.not hot,not overburdoned,not stupid,warm.

02-02-2006, 18:36
I keep my sleep clothes in my sleeping bag, seperate from the rest of my clothes hoping to keep them dry and clean. depending on season it is a little as a pair of shorts to poly long johns.

Just Jeff
02-02-2006, 21:03
I can't get my blow up doll inside with me though.

Do you notice significant deflation when the temp drops at night? I hate that.

02-02-2006, 21:49
I've heard all the arguments and agree that sleeping naked in your bag gets you warm the fastest. The drawback is that your body oils will wreck the bag. I tried a silk liner and couldn't get over its single purpose. Silk lonjohns make good, lightweight sleeping clothes and they of course double as an extra layer of clothes for those times you need an extra layer. My preference is still Mountain Hardwear x-static longjohns for their smell-killing ability. WM Ultralite stays fully unzipped and used as a blanket until temps drop into the mid-40's

02-02-2006, 22:44
You can make your liner a dual purpose item. Open the foot end up, and put in a lightweight draw cord. You can use this 'around' you after a shower or if you need to put ALL of your clothes in the wash, and you look very trendy at the same time.

02-02-2006, 23:11
In boy scouts we learned not to sleep in the clothes we'd worn all day long because the oils from our body would prevent them from insulating properly. Based on that, I plan to try to take a clean pair of PJ's, and wear them exclusively for sleeping. We'll see where I stand on weight before I make the final decision, though.

02-02-2006, 23:20
this here is how i do it:cool: neo